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Writer, artist, vlogger and entrepreneur. Creator of Britain's first web comic.

The Broken Circle – Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 1 – TrekHammer Quick Review

Today TrekHammer gives a quick review to The Broken Circle, season 2 episode 1 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds!

All Mouse Media at King Con 2015

AMM at King Con 2015

Comic writer/artist Zoë Kirk-Robinson and writer Jennifer Kirk will be at King Con in Durham, North-East England on Sunday 15 October. Our new All Over the House and Nob Mouse collections will be on sale, as will Jennifer’s phenomenal Stars novels (Bringing Home The Stars and Twinkle Little Star).

We will both be signing books and Zoë will be doing sketches. If you’re in the area, please do stop by. We are on the Circle Level of the convention, in the Gala Theatre.

New Comic Collections Launched

All Mouse media is delighted to bring you the first in our new range of comic book collections. When we formed back in 2010 it was with the purpose of bringing you the best in science fiction and fantasy and we feel that with these two collections from our main comics, The Life of Nob T. Mouse and All Over the House, we are doing just that.

The front cover of the new collection of Nob Mouse stories!

Join Nob Mouse and friends for wacky adventures in a land that’s out of this world!

The Life of Nob T. Mouse is a surrealist science-fantasy adventure with plenty of humour. It charts the life of café owner and mayor of a frontier town, Nob T. Mouse (the “T.” stands for “The”) as he attempts to live a peaceful and quiet life in a land filled with wacky monsters and strange creatures trying to take over the world. It’s the first web comic ever produced in Britain and this new book, The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse: Book One, is not to be missed!

You can also see the new exploits of Nob Mouse and friends at, where new comics go online on weekdays.

Emily and Tesrin's early adventures come to print for the first time!

Emily and Tesrin’s early adventures come to print for the first time!

All Over the House is a satirical political comedy-drama featuring the exploits of cynical journalist-turned-politician Emily Westwood and he long-time companion Tesrin Stepford-Brown, a barrister who practices demonology on the side because “someone’s got to do it”. Join Emily and Tesrin as they get into one ridiculous scrape after another while trying to cope with life in the modern world in All Over the House: Book One.

All Over the House updates daily, Monday to Friday, at