Inaugural Catherine Day Honours

Since the founding of Kohlandia by Her Majesty Queen Catherine, her plan has always been to grant honours to Kohlandians and friends of Kohlandia who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence in their lives. These honours will be bestowed once a year on the Catherine Day, the Queen’s Birthday.

This year, the inaugural year, Queen Catherine has chosen to honour His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I, the Emperor of Austenasia. Emperor Jonathan I is one of the most active members of the micronational community and has done incredible work to ensure the community flourishes. It is for these reasons that Queen Catherine has decided to bestow upon the Emperor the title of Knight Commander of the Order of the Gryphon; Kohlandia’s highest civilian honour.

Kohlandia’s first Catherine Day honours list is a short one, but Her Majesty hopes future lists will be full of exemplary people who have done exemplary deeds.

Her Majesty has also established the Kohlandian Royal Family’s royal holdings during this year’s honours. His Majesty King Emeritus Philip, the Queen’s Father, and Her Majesty Queen Emeritus Ann, the Queen’s Mother, have been granted the Grand Duchy of Kohlandia, alongside Queen Consort Jennifer.

Crown Princess Elizabeth, Princess Molly, Princess Esme and Prince David have been granted the Duchy of Kohlandia.

This rounds out the honours list for the first Catherine Day. Her Majesty hopes you all have a very pleasant day.