Kohlandia is a land-locked micro nation bordered on all sides by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was established in August 2019. The capital of Kohlandia is Dunhallow.

Kohlandia is situated 12.3 miles from Manchester, in the North West of England, and approximately 112 metres above sea level. It uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for its time zone and does not recognise any form of Daylight Saving Time; which puts Kohlandia out of synch with the United Kingdom for half of the year.

Kohlandia is a constitutional monarchy with Her Majesty Queen Catherine as the Head of State. HM The Queen’s Government is headed by a Prime Minister, who chooses his or her own Ministers to form the Executive branch of the Kohlandian Government. The Legislative branch is formed from all eligible adult Kohlandian citizens, and legislates via direct democracy.

The Kohlandian currency is the Quid (kQ), which is pegged to the Linden Dollar (L$). The nation issues its own stamps and passports.

Kohlandian citizenship is available upon application, with the payment of an administrative fee. Citizenship comes with no residency right and Kohlandian citizens are encouraged to maintain dual citizenship with their birth nation or current nation of residence.